A Monday Kind of Love 3.28.16

Happy Monday to All of You!

I'm not sure about you but I literally had to pray last night and then pray my way into work.  Maybe it's the Monday blues, the post-holiday drag, all of the things that I've had going on lately or all of the above combined.  

Here's the thing, for the last few months I've been meaning to send a post out featuring things I've found and loved over the weeks.  Things that have and are keeping me sustained.  I might as well put this out into the Universe.

Good juju, chi, love, blessings on a Monday.  I would send it out on Friday, but most of us are already thankful to have made it to the end of the week.  Monday seems to be the day we all need a moment and something good to get us through.  

For this week's Monday Kind of Love, I have to choose a few things that have been healing to me over the course of the last months.  FYI - these posts aren't sponsored.  These are just things I've come to love and wanted to return the love, spread the love.

Manduka Yoga Mat Pro

So in an effort to get me back on the mat, my father in all of his infinite wisdom gave me a Manduka Yoga Mat Pro.  I received it last year as an early Christmas present.  It couldn't have arrived at a better time.  It's thick, it's amazing and it makes you want to get to the mat and work your issues out.   Not to mention, I haven't been public about it, but I've been battling a pinched nerve and Sweet Merciful Lord - being able to stretch on this mat has been everything.  I'm looking forward to it warming up and being able to get outside with it.  If you're wondering if it's worth the cost - the answer is yes.

Anything Nayyirah Waheed

Salt and Nejma rest by my beside and I've read them many an evening.  The electronic versions rest on my iPad.  They will heal you.  Buy them.  Love them.  Read them.  Give them as gift.  

We Are King

This album - from the time I heard it on the road about a month and a half ago has been rotating regularly in the car and at home.  It's the sort of album you listen to, dreaming about love to come.  It's a wonderful find.  I was so upset I missed them when they were here in DC, but they're on my radar. 


Both of these albums are on a playlist.  I can't say enough about these sisters as well.  They're amazingly talented.  

I'll leave you with these for this week - instant love.  I have people standing over my desk and asking for shit....

Probably doesn't help that I decided this post needed to happen at 12:38.  At any rate, look for these new posts between Sunday and Monday.  

Sometimes we need things to get us through the week.  Things that are healing, beautiful and timely.  There's enough terror and mayhem in the world.  So much so that all the good should be featured, brought to the front. So, this is my little contribution to helping us all get our shit together. 

May your week be blessed.... may you finish strong and start strong. 

With love,